Vikings slot machine

Go on a raiding expedition in the Vikings slot machine

Have you been sitting at home cheering on Ragnar Lodbrog, Floki and all the other brave Vikings who go on raids in the Vikings series on Netflix? Now’s your chance to play Viking for a day and win goods and gold in the Vikings slot, produced by Swedish game developer NetEnt.

The game premiered in 2018 and was an instant success. Indeed, the gaming experience is second to none. It is really a good and accomplished game with lots of bang on the effects and not least on the sound side. It won’t be long before you yourself feel like a Viking on his way to great riches.

Vikings has three different bonus features, all based on events from the popular TV series. There’s a Shield Wall, of course, but you can also go to war with Raid Spins or Hotspots. The different features are triggered randomly inside the Vikings slot, and you can get both bonus games and free spins, or if you’re really wild, you can also get lucky and get your hands on a jackpot game. It can certainly pay off and is definitely worth going berserk over.

The slot has up to 7 reels and 243 paylines. That makes for no less than 78,125 different winning combinations, so if you hit them all, you’ll probably be buying your own Viking castle soon. The payback percentage in Vikings is 96.07%.

Play Batman in retro game with huge jackpot

Play Batman

Batman & Mr Freeze Fortune is the name of a jackpot slot with a huge jackpot attached. Before Batman was relaunched by Christopher Nolan in 2005, the superhero was primarily known from either the classic TV series from the 1960s, or the movies from the 1990s. This slot is based on the popular TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman & Robin.

Kapow! Yes, the sound effects certainly didn’t fail back then, and both the expression and the soundtrack lean heavily on the TV series. There’s a nice retro vibe about the game against the backdrop of Nolan’s very somber expressions in the recent films. If you’re more into Nolan’s Batman, we’d also recommend checking out the UK game provider. They have a ton of Batman slot games!

Holy snowstorm! The game pits Batman and Robin against supervillain Mr Freeze, and you can win in a whopping 1024 different ways. The game isn’t built on quite traditional waltzes, and that gives it a breath of fresh air despite the retro vibe.

You can win an absurdly large jackpot, as the game is hooked up to the game provider’s many other DC Comics jackpots. You can win a whopping four jackpots (Grand, Major, Minor and Mini), with the biggest jackpot paying out more than £6 million at the time of writing. The game can only be played in Denmark at Bet365 Casino.

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