Concerning the correlation table

Concerning the correlation table

Bookmakers’ websites can be a great resource for anyone looking to maximise their profits from various online games. It’s all about finding the best deals for your particular niche that can collectively give you the best returns.

Our comparison tool allows you to scan the main features as well as bonus offers of up to 5 bookmaker sites at a time. From there, you can easily choose which one suits you best.

For example, if you want to open a new account with a bookmaker, you should first check which bookmaker offers the best welcome bonus, maximum amounts they allow, which countries they allow players from, and not least what payment methods are offered. Knowing the answers to these questions first will give you an edge over all the other uninformed users who typically register on the first page they see.

Stay ahead of the game with Nostrabet’s comparison tool. Bookmark and visit our site regularly for list updates. Smart players take advantage of the most bookmakers have to offer. That’s why it makes sense to keep up with the market, and our comparison tool gives you an ideal chance to do just that.



The tool provides a nice overview of the information and is designed to be easy to use. It has a handy drop-down list of bookmakers to choose from, and includes an up-to-date list of bookmakers’ current bonus offers. You can compare up to five bookmakers at a time, displayed side by side. The tool identifies your device automatically and will adjust the screen accordingly. Whether you are on mobile or tablet, you will always be able to see at least three bookmakers at a time, and for newer devices it is possible to see up to five bookmakers at a time.

Select Comparison from the menu at the top of the homepage.

Note: Some bookmakers may already be pre-selected. This will help you see how the table will appear before you make your first search.To remove one or all of the pre-selected bookmakers, click/press the small grey button next to the bookmaker’s name.Add a new bookmaker by clicking on “Selected Bookmakers” and then click “X” from the bookmakers you are interested in comparing. You can select up to 5 bookmakers, and can then choose if you want to make more changes by following the description above.

So easy!



Apart from our own knowledge and understanding of each bookmaker, it is you and the other users who ultimately rate the bookmakers. This is based on their overall level of service, the features they offer, their bonus structure, as well as applicable terms and conditions. So basically, the rating you see from us is both objective and fair.

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